A few weeks ago I talked about how I am not a huge fan of the gym, and this is still true. As much as I want to be a true ‘Fit Girl’, I’m being it on my own terms and that includes all my imperfections. From my own experience, I have realized that there is a certain pattern in my behavior, especially regarding to the gym. Here are all the stages I go through before actually going to the gym. 

1. You have been trying to get yourself to go to the gym for months, but never actually went.

2. You finally get yourself together and decide to get a gym membership.

3. But then, immediate regret kicks in when you realize how much money you are spending on something you don’t even like.

4. Okay, Wednesday is the day. You tell yourself that you’ll wake up early and go work out. Then, this happens.

5. You managed to get out of bed and decide to start off the day with a healthy snack.

6. So, waking up early didn’t work. The snack was awful. Nothing is going the way it should and you start to convince yourself that the gym is just not for you.

7. You finally look in the mirror and tell yourself to get your shit together.

8. You arrive at the gym and start to panic when seeing all the equipment and fit people.


This is my journey to the gym! Has everyone had this before, or am I the only one? Let me know! 

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