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I am a big fan of water. Moreover, I am a big fan of moving and water. Those two combine pretty well in one of my favourite things to do: surf. Not only is surfing one of the most rewarding ‘sports’ out there which gives you an ultimate happy feeling once you’re amongst the waves; you also dynamically train so many muscles at the same time! No wonder surfers look so ripped...! Are you going for surf soon? Check out these tips this to prepare!

Not everyone has the beach sitting just in front of her house. That’s why I do these exercises regularly to train just those parts of my body, to stay in shape for those moments when surf’s up or the next holiday is planned. Even if you’re not into surfing, the following four simple exercises will absolutely help you tone and strengthen your back line, core and your muscles’ ‘springiness’ or resilience. Everyone can do with a little more of that, I’d say! ☺ A swiss ball is your best friend, when it comes to ‘surf fitness’. Your gym should definitely have one!

Surfing is all about controlling your body in an environment that’s always moving and unstable, so this kind of tool is super nice to use. Whether you’re paddling (laying on your belly on the board, moving yourself forward in the water by paddling with your hands) or standing up, it’s crucial to find stability!

  1. ‘Swiss ball jack knife’: get yourself in a plank position with your feet resting on a Swiss ball. Tighten your core, but and push yourself up, fingers spread and solid placement on the floor, shoulders move away from the ears. Now bring your knees to your chest as you breath out. Back to plank position as you breath in. In this first round, repeat for 12 times.


  1. Same start position as the first exercise. Now one foot comes off of the ball, lift it up a few cm. Then cross it over diagonally as your standing leg keeps pressing down into the ball for stability, your stomach muscles are working hard, as are your shoulders and arms to carry the weight of your upper body. Cross the left leg first 8 times, then switch legs and go for it with the right leg, 8 times.


  1. Lay on your belly, on top of the ball. Feet (toes) touch the ground, upper body hangs over the ball, back of the neck is long. Now engage the core and lift up your chest from the ball while your hands stay next to your upperbody or on the back of your head. Come back down in a controlled manner. Lift up your chest from the ball 12 times in this first round. Do this exercise slowly and never lose tension in your legs, buttocks, core and chest to keep stable on the ball and strengthening your stomach muscles. Protect your back by keeping your spine lengthened and pushing your pubic bone into the ball.


  1. Sit down with your feet on the ground in front on you. Bend your knees. Tighten your core and place an object (1-3 kg) in your hands. Now tap lift up the object with both hands and bring it from your left to your right, touching the ground. The rotation in the core is a perfect preparation for turns and stability, once standing up on your board!


  1. Of course there are loads more exercises you can do! Anything which targets the core, back, shoulders, are real winners. Regular push ups are also a great, especially while your feet are lifted on top of a bench or step-up as your shoulders, arms and chest need to work hard while paddling, so definitely add that one in, too. Go for as many well performed push ups as you do can in one minute.


Do this round 2, maximum 3 times 2-3 times a week.


Want to get 100% prepared for your next holiday destination with surf in reach, and keep up with the big guys? Treat yourself to this book Advance Surf fitness by Lee Stanbury. Even if you’re not into surfing, these exercises in this book are awesome and challenging and explains loads!


Enjoy and see you on the water!


Hang loose,