When you workout 3+ times a week, the go to “workout” playlist can quickly become repetitive. Sometimes no amount of shuffling will do. Add a stale playlist to a session of solo running and you might seriously struggle to reach your planned distance or time. Searching for new music and syncing it with your device might be a drag, when all you want is pace perfect songs for the soundtrack to your jog. Sound familiar? Adidas Go could be the app of your dreams. 

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Adidas Go is the first fitness app to use the accelerometer in the iPhone to create a playlists customised to your run. Adidas has teamed up with Spotify to make the most of the pace calculating technology to search for and play the music available on Spotify while you are on the go.

Fit favourites

It starts by using the songs that you have added to your favourites and creates a spontaneous soundtrack based on these, so it is customized to you. Afterwards you can review the playlist and if you like the songs you can save them directly to your Spotify account and keep building your library. The app is also claims to “go beyond” this by providing you with new music, if you allow it. The more that you run and use it, the more it will learn about your pace and taste. Another reason to get out there and pound the pavements! As well as this awesomeness, there are the usual features of other fitness apps out there. It tracks your run and gives you all of the details you need to assess your progress continually. And if you don’t have Spotify Premium, then Adidas Go will work its magic on the music from your library on the device instead! 

Fitness apps are not another fit fad

If you are thinking that you don’t need yet another app taking up your device’s memory then you might be right, but they’re not all a waste of space. A recent consumer study on attitudes towards health (which you can read more about here) highlighted that fitness, and more generally health apps are becoming a popular way to track and improve health allowing people to become more aware of their well-being. They can be helpful to let you see how many steps you take in one day, informing you that you could do with some more movement or are useful to set alarms to remind to drink more water throughout the day. Not only are they good for reminders, it can encourage you to be a member of a fit community that will keep you motivate. Maybe you’re not one for updating your social networks about your workout, but share a run from the Nike Plus app on Instagram or Twitter and you will be greeted with likes and encouragement from a worldwide running community of strangers.

Move to the music

When it comes to the things that get you pumped and energized while working out, everyone is different. Whether its rhythmic trance tracks that keep your pace or up beat party tracks that take your mind to an upcoming celebration where you want to feel great, find a way to make your workout fun, it shouldn’t be boring! If you would rather make the perfect playlist yourself and need some inspiration, then check out Safira Audrey’s hot workout tracks to get your butt moving. Add them to your music library now and get started on the soundtrack to your fit summer!

What do you think about using health apps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or tell us which ones you use on your fitness journey and how they help you to reach your goals!

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