MTV presents Blog Fair by

Fit & Training door thijs

On Sunday the 31th of May all Dutch fashion bloggers united at the 'MTV presents Blog Fair by The event took place at the MTV Studio's in Amsterdam and was for fashion bloggers, followers and labels to connect. 

The event started of with a Question & Answer-session with 4 successful bloggers: Noor de Groot (Queen of Jetlags), Serena Verbon (BeautyLab), Anna Nooshin (NSMBL) and #FITGIRLCODE's very own Aranka van der Voorden. The room filled up quickly with many bloggers, girls and guys. The session was led by Kay Nambiar and founder of ilovefashionbloggers, Jolique Möller.


Inside tips
Several questions were raised, such as: 'How do you get more followers on Instagram?', 'What is the future of bloggers?' and 'What is the key to success?' Anna Nooshin, queen of Instagram, told the crowd that there's a big difference between a private account and a business Instagram account. She lives by the keywords: food, travel, selfies and fashion and all her photos are edited by apps such as VSCO Cam.


Do everything with passion
Other tips that we're given are: find your Unique Selling Point, make sure that you have good and personal content and work out your ideas immediately before someone else does the same. Aranka ended the Q&A with her motto: do everything with passion. Make sure you love what you do, because you have to do it 24/7 for the rest of your life. After the Q&A the award 'Best upcoming blogger 2015' was hand out to Fab le Frique, who not only won the the title, but also a Tailor & Elbaz fashion cheque of €750!

New collections
After the award everybody moved back to the lobby of the MTV building. Several fashion labels were present to show their new collections and share the story behind their label, such as Tailor & Elbaz, Paul's Boutique and the coolest luxury sportswear brand ever: JOGHA. Cosmo Hairstyling made sure everyone's hair looked absolutely fabulous and there was the opportunity to eat pasta made of edame beans. Affiliate marketing brand Zanox had a stand were they informed new coming bloggers about the possibilities for making money out of your blog.

See all the pictures of the MTV presents Blog Fair by on the next few pages.

The Q&A: from left to right Kay Nambiar, Aranka van der Voorden, Serena Verbon, Noor de Groot, Anna Nooshin and Jolique Möller.

Fab le Frique won the 'Best upcoming blogger 2015' award and €750 shopping money at Tailor & Elbaz.

The crew taking pictures with Noor, Aranka, Anna and Jolique!

Bloggers in spé waiting in line to take pictures in front of the event-wall with the 4 awesome bloggers. 

The JOGHA stand with Fit Girl Danique at the Blog Fair.

The new JOGHA sweat collection, gotta love it!

Fit Girl essentials! And… some samples of the new JOGHA collection.

JOGHA founder Aranka together with Anna Nooshin.


Cosmo hairstyling made sure no one left the building without a fabulous haircut.

Well-stocked goodiebags at Paul's Boutique.

Delicious Zanox macarons, hmmmm...