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Attention to all Fit Girls, it’s time for sale! I would say you can never have enough sport outfits. Therefore, I’ve searched for products on the internet and made a list of the products that I really like and are on sale! 

I am absolutely in love with this sporty tanktop. This top from Puma is definitely not boring and will certainly brighten your day. This top is now 20% off!

A sports bra is one of the most important items to have when you are working out. You can never have enough! This girly but still tough kinda looking model from Nike will make you feel powerful underneath your work out clothes.


This blue sporting pants from Nike is nice for summery work outs when it's still a tad cold outside. It has a nice baby blue color that will definitely motivate you to do more sports. Especially when you see the discount this website has to offer. I like!


Need new shoes? I prefer to buy my shoes on sale, because this will save me a lot of money, especially when they are from a specific brand. I found this beautiful shoe from Nike that is on sale with a 40€ discount!!


Last but not least, tops! This t-shirt from Venice Beach has a wide fit and is therefore perfect for working out or a lazy day on the couch.



What about you? Do you often buy clothes when they are on sale? 


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