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Bikini season is almost around the corner and you obviously want a beautiful bikini that boosts your body shape. However, what to wear when you have big boobs or if you are insecure about your belly? These questions pop-up every summer and it’s time to get some answers!


#1. Big boobs. For girls who have quite some boobs, one word should always be kept in mind: support. Bikinis that have under wiring will help you get that support and that extra lift that bandeau bikinis will not provide. A lot of nice bikinis can be found that have under wire in their top pieces. Moreover, always make sure that you find a shop that sells bikini tops and bottoms separately since you often need different sizes. Personally, I love this bikini from ASOS.

#2. Small boobs. Bandeau bikinis, triangle bikinis, every bikini fits girls who have small boobs. However, some girls are insecure about their small boobs and would love to have a size bigger. To add some extra volume, you can choose for a bikini with frenzies that makes your boobs look bigger in an optical way. And if you still don’t like this, you can always go for a bikini with a push-up effect. This bikini from Forever21 matches the festival trend for this summer and is perfect for a lazy day on the beach.

#3. Belly. If you are feeling uncomfortable about your belly, try bikinis that hide your tummy. These bikinis will slim down your figure while maintaining your feminine shapes. High waistbands are the ideal solution for this. This neon pink bikini from Forever21 is absolutely stunning! Also, I love that they are using a plus-size model and have a special plus-size clothing line!

#4. Thighs (full hips). If you have full hips, try to find a top piece with a nice print that attracts attention to the upper part of your body. Moreover, try to avoid bikini bottoms that have bow ties on the side, because these will make your hips look wider. What works best are classic bikinis that have high cut bottoms, but you can also go for a bikini that has a skirted bottom in a solid color . This bikini bottom from ASOS has a nice black color and covers up perfectly.

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Do you have a personal favorite? What type of body do you have and what type of bikini do you wear?


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