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There are so many awesome fit bloggers out there that we're constantly inspired, and we  ♥ that! One of our favorite girls is Laura from

Bloggers inspiration:

This lovely Dutchie is a running fanatic that loves to blog about, yes you guessed it, running. But that's not all, she also posts delicious healthy recipes and blogs about the fun things in life. She writes awesome reviews about running gear so you should definitely need to check her blog!

Maca powder
So we saw his delicious oatmeal recipe on her blog with maca powder. You must have heard a lot about maca powder, but what is it? Maca is really a root that will grow in the Andes mountains of Peru.This root has been used like a food source for hundreds of years, and many Peruvians use it for its medicinal purposes. The root is packed with nutritionally rich substances which make it an incredible instrument for contributing good balance to your daily diet.

What does maca powder do?

  • Energizes the human body to make hormones. This stimulation will cause very good human hormones to be released in to the blood stream, which may subsequently help regulate issues within just those hormones
  • Improves libido. The plant has a exclusive sense of balance of proteins, carbs, anti-oxidants, plant sterols, minerals and vitamins. These interact to maintain the entire body at optimum condition.
  • Maca offers energy, given it account balances the endocrine system, such as the adrenals, pancreatic, pituitary and thyroid gland.
  • It reportedly will help people retrieve their endurance along with their mental balance.

Important: Start with 1/2 tspn of maca powder a day, after a week you can use 1 tspn. Do you want to try maca powder? Click now to order.

And now for the recipe…



So for the recipe, what do you need?



  • Bring the oatmeal together with the milk and the chiaseeds to a boil
  • Cut the banana into small squares in the mean time
  • As soon as the substance is boiling, add the cinnamon to taste and some Maca
  • Let the oatmeal boil for another 2 minutes while stirring occasionally and add some coconut sprinkles
  • Now add the oatmeal to a bowl and top it with with the banana, flaxseeds, chiaseeds, coconut sprinkles and peanut butter. Enjoy!

Do you use maca powder? And what do you think of it?