Ambassador blog by Anne

Fit & Training door fannetiek

Hi, my name is Anne, I’m a 28 year old Dutch girl and I am a bodybuilder. Before you run away and get scared by my profession, please continue reading while I introduce myself and my sport.

Because to me, bodybuilding is a way of life. I train hard, eat clean and dedicate almost everything to this sport. But why, I hear you say. Well, earlier this year I decided to compete in my very first fitness competion. There are four different classes to compete in (bikini, bodyfitness, figure and bodybuilding) and I am coming out in the bodyfitness class. So don’t be scared, I’m not a female Schwarzenegger and I will never be. I’m just a great great fan of strong women.

I always loved working out and after some time I noticed I was good at it. I got stronger, leaner and I gained muscle. I just had to do something with those facts and hey! Why not compete in a fitness competition? Just like that. My dream goal is to become a fitness model and compete in international competitions. But before all that can happen I have to make it on stage by the end of this year at the FlexCup 2014.

Guidance and support
Preparing for a competition is hard work and it takes a lot of determination and dedication. I don’t drink or go out, I go to bed early and I have to watch what and when I eat. Luckily for me I’m not doing this all by myself. I have the most lovely coach you can wish for, Guy Droog and I get a lot of support by my friends and family.
I did not only decided to compete, I also began writing about my fit journey.  On my blog (in Dutch) you get to read everything that is on my mind and what it takes to become a fitness model. And ofcourse, a lot of healthy tips, lovely recipes and you can get online weight coaching (as I am also a health coach). Please check in every now and then for motivation and inspiration and read all about my fit journey.

From now on I will write a blog on #FITGIRLCODE every month, so you can keep up with #TeamFannetiek. Wanna see more already? Please check my Instagram or visit my Facebook page.

I’m proud to be an Ambassador for #FITGIRLCODE. Let’s conquer the world with Fit Girls!