I’m all over the place and I’m not a huge fan of structure (but honestly I do need it). Every day is completely different than the other and I’ve never stuck to anything like a food schedule. I would like to see this change and I know that there is room for improvement. Let’s say it’s a work in progress! To show you how a week from my life looks like, I will keep up a weekly diary. I’m not doing it only for myself, although it’s a good way to be faced with the facts, but also to show people that not all Fit Girls live in the gym and bake banana bread on Sunday’s (although, the latter actually has succeeded for the first time this week).  ♥ Aranka’s Diary ♥

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♥ We’ve got ourselves a new office in Roterdam since a week (YAY). And I’m so proud of it! The whole building has an industrial look, same as my house. Brick walls, huge windows, a lot of steal and wood; with other words a dream office.
♥ Luckily he mail man found our new address quickly.  Tony we love you! You can find a blog about our chocolate tasting soon. So stay tuned!


♥ Today I became the proud owner of a real #FITGIRLCODE/Jogha Smart for Four. This is huge for me as I’ve never had a car before. We’re much more mobile now and we can graze all across the country, visit events and hopefully meet even more Fit Girls.
♥  This afternoon I’m shooting for Jogha. The video will be online soon. You can see the shots I made in Thailand of the production process of Jogha. I really want to show everyone dat the people in Thailand work on the Jogha collection with a lot of love and passion. And the most important thing is that the working environment has to be good.
♥ I’m always completely broken after a video shoot. Afterwords I never feel like doing something. So I convinced our camera gal Christel to join me to my most favorite gym in Rotterdam: Elevator Sports.
I got her shoes and clothes out of the closet before she could even answer, so now she had to go!


♥ Some days are better than others, today I was mostly sore from the workout of yesterday and I was literally rolling from one meeting to the next. On days like this I don’t feel very productive. Luckily Snapchat decided that we needed some heart eyes, rainbow vomit and huge crying eyes in our lives.
Not every day is great, but there is something great in every day!


♥ I drove on Thursday with brand relations manager Shelley to Amsterdam in the pouring rain to a Dermalogica event. It was the launch of the new Overnight Retinol Repair. During the event we got the opportunity to use facemappingof the Dermalogica specialist to determine which skincare products are most suited for our skin.
♥ I seem to have an irritated skin around mu nose, and my chin was not doing so well either. So, I’m going take the all the advices home with en I’ve even made a before picture in the morning without make-up. Don’t scream:)


♥ I didn’t make a lot of pictures today, I already had forgotten that I had to keep up a diary. I did make some pictures of my outfit OOTD ;). This new sweater of Asos is from the petite collection and suits me perfects as I’m only 1.60m tall!
♥ In the afternoon I went to have dinner with Christel (a.k.a. Fitgirlchris) at this new healthy pizza place in Rotterdam called Sugo.


♥ It’s weekend and this means I’m going to visit my family. First to my parents in Spijkenisse (I was born here) because Robbert wants to pick up my old Nintento64 to play some oldschool Mario. The lady in the picture is my mom and at the same time the biggest Jogha fan walking around. The Ibiza jacket is her favorite.
♥  After a short stop at my parents we drove to my new nephew Noah, and what turned out? I’m a baby-whisperer as he fell asleep in my arms as soon as I touched him. So cute!
♥  We went to the musical Soldaat van Oranje afterwords. I don’t like musicals and I don’t know much about the Second World War (sorry mister Berkelaar, I should have payed attention in your classes) so I didn’t expect that it would be so awesome! A beautiful story and the turning stage makes it look completely different than a regular musical. I’m impressed!


♥ Usually in the weekend Robbert and I go for the big grocery shopping. This time at the Jumbo in Kop van Zuid, I think this is the biggest Jumbo in the world en it’s even open at Christmas.
♥  I bought the ingredients for bananabread and we made a deal to do this every sunday. It gives me so much rest to start the week all prepared!
Wanna see more, follow me on Instagram or snapchat (ArankaWorld). See you next week!

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