Autumn skincare essentials

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Your skin could use some extra care during autumn. The low temperatures can cause your skin to become more dry and that could bring up more flaws. I’ve collected the key essentials to create your own perfect autumn skincare routine.

First of all it’s important to know how your skin changes during the seasons. Every skin is different and because of that everyone has his/her own ideal skincare routine. Does your skin get extra dry because of the chilly weather or does it stay a bit greasy? I have a really dry skin, even during the summer. This only gets worse during autumn so I always use some extra products. Adding numerous layers of cream won’t always cause the result you’re looking for. That may even cause more flaws in the worst case.


Choose the right serum

A serum is an emulsion which you can definitely use next to your daily make-up routine. The effect of a serum is that it helps your face to stay moist. During cold days your skin may get a bit more dry and that’s when a serum will be useful. There are a lot of different serums, one may cause your face to become more hydrated while another one simply lifts up your face a bit. I personally love this serum by Weleda, their ingredients are 100% natural.


Use facemasks

Facemasks can really help your skin to get more hydrated. You could choose to make your own facemask with natural ingredients but they’re also available at drugstores. One mask a week will give your face the boost you’re looking for! Mud masks are defenitely my favourite.


Creams instead of lotion

During autumn you could choose to replace your lotion with a cream. I like to switch those up during autumn because a cream will make your skin more moist. It basically create a magical layer. If a cream still won’t do it for you, you could also try a body butter. This is even more greasy. The classic Nivea bodycream is perfect for each season of the year.


Keep on scrubbing

Giving your skin a regular scrub is just as important during autumn as it is during summer. By doing this weekly you will remove the dead skin cells. By this you’ll prevent yourself from getting annoying skin flakes. You could easily DIY with brown sugar, oi, honey and a few drops of aromatic oil. I always use Therme scrubs as they make my skin as soft as a baby's bum.


S.O.S. hand cream

Dry hands are my worst enemy. I even get them after a really short bike ride so that’s why I don’t leave the house without a really greasy hand cream. For me it actually can’t be greasy enough. These kind of creams are also perfect for dry spots on your face. I currently take this Nivea cream with me everywhere I go.

What are your autumn skincare essentials? Please let us know in the comments!

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