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It was no secret that 2014 was the year of fitness. The idea of a Fit lifestyle boomed through our social media feeds like never before. 

We didn't only see this change in the millions of Instagram accounts dedicated to workouts, progress journeys, or healthy food recipes. It was also seen in the increasing comfort of wearing our favorite sports outfits outside the gym! Now known as Fit Chic or Gym Chic, this fashion style has been embraced by girls worldwide. It is comfortable and so colourful! It seems like it has gotten the attention of some iconic fashion designers, too.

The best part about this trend, if you ask me, is the whole idea of being able to go from gym to casual drinks in about 1/4th of the time it would normally take us to fully change! Disclaimer: I would not advise this after a heavy workout, there's a difference between casual Gym Chic and I-want-to-die-omg-is-that-smell-coming-from-me look. But Gym Chic has moved even further than just a practicality, it is a style of its own.

{Jogha Ikat Long Tights x Jogha Solid White Muscle Tee}

It's surprising to see how much status gym clothes have gained in the last years, and it's reflected in the most recent collections. The designs come in brighter colors and patterned looks that make a statement when they are worn.

{Jogha Solid Black Racerback Bra x Jogha Solid Black Long Tights}

In addition to rocking Fit Girls' worlds, the uprising popularity of working out in style created a little movement in the designer world called sweat envy. Soon after, they realized that they needed workout collections to stay up-to-date, so it more and more high-end fashion designers showcased this new trend on the runways and didn't take long to hit the shelves. Among these are Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang, which have embraced this by creating Active Wear collections and collaborating with other brands to set the sporty look under a bigger and chic-er radar.

We've all noticed this magnified focus towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but we never really take a step back and see it when it's happening. Soon enough, Fit Girls will be glam-ing it up and shopping for their sportswear at Valentino and Gucci. Although if you ask me, I'm not one to look the cutest during a workout because I like to work up a sweat! At the risk of sounding lazy, I most definitely am looking forward to the day I can wear a cute sports outfit to class and then straight to the gym.

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