Work on your balance

Fit & Training door thijs

Holla Fit Girl! How many of you are keeping up your Fit Journeys? First you were afraid, you were petrified. Kept thinking you could never live without another training. But then you spent so many nights thinking how you did it wrong, and you grew strong, you learned how to train along! *sings*

I must admit, I need to get my balance back after all the wine I consumed these past couple of weeks. After a huge party I attended I wasn't able to walk in a straight line for days. I started off with some serieous healthy eating, and what's better to complete this than with a Balance Workout?!

Who needs Balance anyway?
Balance benefits your neuromuscular coordination – basically it helps improve the communication between your brain and muscles. It helps with muscle isolation – during balance training you have to maintain stabilization and you are forced to engage an individual muscle predominantly so that you are not using other muscles to help you “cheat.” During balance training your body has to work that much harder to stabilize – in turn this helps you to burn more calories. Balance workouts also improve your hip stabilization. For example, single leg balance exercises engage your glute medius very well.  It also helps with core stabilization – this in turn helps to improve your coordination, athletic skill, and posture.

All right, if you're absolutely determined and you can complete this workout in three rounds with a 30 second workout time per exercises try the following:

Put your interval timer on 40 seconds per workout with a 10 seconds break; now try this for 3 rounds.

Good luck!!! And for more videos check out!

Ps: If you want to become super sporty put your interval timer to 50 seconds for each workout. You’ll feel superior!