Beat this winter and keep running

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Do you always take a winter break from running? As the days get darker, it becomes trickier to go exercise outside. First of all your motivation gets low because of the rain, cold and mud. But then there's also the fact that you'll be harder to see for cars and other traffic! Might be a bit scary, right?

The fact that it gets darker earlier means the end of running season for a lot of girls. The disadvantages of running outside in the fall and winter seem to be bigger than the benefits. It is really cold, the rain can soak you up to your underwear and you better can wash your shoes after every running session because of all the mud splashed on them. It is not very inviting to go outside, right? Especially when you can also stay inside on the couch or run on a treadmill and stay warm. But a real outdoor sports person knows that the fresh air on your face and the environment around you are much nicer than watching a TV screen. And that’s why they prefer running outside!

As a leading running brand, ASICS knows this as no other and therefore decided to take some responsibility. They must have thought “If more athletes wear ASICS clothing there will be no more traffic accidents”. Because the team crept behind the designing table and made an awesome collection: the 360 Protection Line.


This autumn/winter line consists of two (or three, if you count the shoes) categories: Motion Therm and Motion Protect. Motion Therm is the bottom layer of clothing that keeps you warm because of the insolating effect. Motion Protect is your water resistant, reflective and breathable outer layer. Uhm.. what about the shoes? These are the GT-2000 4 Lite Show Plasma Guard: the water and mud slides down from them because of the special top coating. Amazing!

With such a uniform you can actually beat the fall and winter. Cold and rain won’t be an issue anymore with this protective clothing, and (although you always have to pay attention!) you won’t have to worry anymore about your visibility to others. By all the reflective elements on the clothes and shoes you are instantly visible to all cars.

Have you always suffered from a autumn-winter depression when it comes to running because of the cold and darkness? Do you have any tips or advice for your fellow Fit Girls? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This article is made in collaboration with ASICS. However, this does not change my opinion. I am 100% behind this product :)