Benefits of working out with your BFFF

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Working out alone is not a problem for any Fit Girl, but it is always more fun when you can work out with your BFFF. Studies have proven that people who have a workout buddy have higher probabilities of reaching their ultimate fitness goals. Plus what is more cool than working out with your BFFF while wearing matching awesome outfits right?! Well we have a surprise…you and your BFFF can now score 2 Jogha sportsbras and  shirts for the price of 1!

Benefits of working out with your BFFF

1) You won’t skip a workout anymore:

You are less likely to skip the gym when you are feeling lazy if cancelling means inconveniencing your friend.

2) You’ll get your extra dose of motivation:

Not only will your workout buddy keep you from skipping the gym, she can also provide you with motivation when it gets though. For example if you feel like you can’t do another set or you’re simply not in the mood. She’ll motivate you to keep going forward.

3) You’ll learn more exercises

As dedicated you may be, I’m sure you don’t know all there is to know about which exercises you could do. You and your buddy can teach each other new circuits and exercises and you could check each other’s form.

4) You’ll be able to do two-person exercises

Finally you’ll be able to do one of the many partner exercises you see on those cool YouTube videos. Think crunches with a medicine ball pass or a partner push up with a shoulder tap. The possibilities will be endless. Plus, exercises you can do with 2 are  super challenging and will put all your muscles to work.

5) You’ll get into a healthy competition

Sometimes it could be the case that your workout buddy is a tiny bit fitter than you are. Studies have shown that people who perceive their buddies as stronger or “better” increase their intensity and workout time by 200% !!! Now, friendly competition, bring it on!

6) You’ll avoid getting an injury

You and your buddy can count each other’s repetitions, sets and check each other’s forms to make sure you are getting the most out your workout. And if needed to make sure you make some adjustments before they become an injury in the long term

7) You’ll have more fun!

Being with friends is always fun and the same counts for working out with a friend or a buddy.

8) You’ll get better results

If you’ve read above you’ll realize that the benefits of having a workout buddy are countless. This means that you’ll be able to reach your goals faster. Add all together, the accountability, healthy competition and results and you’ll keep your motivation up!

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