Bonjour Fit Girls in France!

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Bonjour Fit Girls in France! I am searching for Fit Girls living in or around Paris. Why? I'm on the international tour and will be staying in Paris for two and a half weeks for work. It is a tough job with long working hours and I need some help from other Fit Girls to show me how to stay fit in Paris.

Coucou! You may know me as @fitgirltizi on Instagram. From the 2nd till the 19th of October I will be working at Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles during the Mondial d'automobile as a hostess for a Japanese motor company. Being a hostess is a tough job. You are the company's invitation card and you need to be social all day. I bet Paris has a lot to offer and I am so curious how the beautiful French girls stay healthy and fit with all those delicious cakes and patisseries around. I was hoping to find a Fit Girl (or even a Fit Guy) to guide me trough the city and do awesome workouts together, discover healthy foods and other fun stuff!

How to contact me?

Please send a mail to with subject title "Fit Girl Paris" and maybe I will be seeing you in France for a run :D

Bonjour Fit Girls in France! Aller on y vas!