HELLO Fit Girls, Nikki Pebbles here! I am a booty poppin’, hair whipping, Beyoncé loving entrepreneur….. did I mention that I LOVE food too? In all seriousness, I am the Founder and CEO of Power(FULL) Girl, a place of power for women of ALL ages. I am driven by the notion that all women have a voice and its time to hear us roar! I am also a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, foodie, native New Yorker and blogger! If you’re ready to shake, smile, move your way to a more powerFULL self, come check out my blog, Instagram, and Twitter!

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735803_10153526011050612_1308006545_o Girls can do anything boys can do!

“TAG YOU’RE IT!!!” was the game that changed my little kindergarten attitude and my view on life. I was playing tag on the playground with all my friends; it was a beautiful fall day. I was standing by the slide, plotting my game plan when Kenneth** ran past me. I jumped at the chance to tag him out and as I reached to touch his shoulder, he pushed me and said, “ You can’t tag me out, you’re a girl!” My six-year-old self was taken aback! I thought to myself “ Who does this short kid think he is, I just saw him picking his nose in the corner!” I firmly stood up for myself and yelled the words I will never forget “ ANYTHING BOYS CAN DO, GIRLS CAN DO BETTER!!” I felt an angry bubbly sensation under my skin. From that point on, it was my mission to make sure that girls had the same opportunities that boys did. O, by the way…. I ended up tagging him and he lost the game…



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