Bride on sneakers

Fit & Training door thijs

Every little girl dreams of her special day, the white dress and marrying her knight in shining armor…yet my dream was a little different, involving Nikes and flexing in my wedding dress! Still had the knight, except he prefers to wear Under Armour over his biceps!

Did you get a good view of my tricep in that photo?
On December 6, 2014, I married my best friend, my swolemate and the man who is my undying support in and out of the gym, Shawn Keasal. Of course I stressed about every little detail being perfect: the cake, the dress, the centerpieces, the music, etc. But as a Fit Girl I was a little more anal about different details like which Nikes will the bridal party wear down the aisle and did you get a good view of my tricep in that photo?

Sweat the whole year around
There are many shirts you can find for the bride to be that say things such as “Sweating for the Wedding” but as a Fit Girl I know and you know that a girl should not just sweat for the wedding. Living a fulfilling fit life means you work hard year round sweating so you feel and look great each day. By doing this you will be confident and feel stunning in anything from your favorite Nike pro shorts and sports bra to your wedding dress. Personally, I did not do anything outside of my normal weight lifting routine to prepare for the wedding however, this may not be the case for all brides so that means focus on your end goal.

Don't wait until the month before the wedding
Do you want to lose weight overall? Develop better definition in your arms and back? Well then set your mind and dedication on that in the weight room and the kitchen. Do not wait until the month before the wedding because that will only stress you out more. Instead, start as soon as your engagement is announced so you give yourself time to make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle. Make it a joint effort as you and your soon to be husband both work towards your goal bodies being the most fit bride and groom you can be for yourself and one another!

Believe it or not my goal was to stun people with not just my dress but my muscles as well and I am pretty confident I did just that. Leading up to the wedding I hit many personal bests in the gym, my most proud being a new 2 rep squat max of 200 lbs. I was truly the happiest #FITGIRLCODE bride ever in Nike Air Max Theas, saying “I DO!” But with the entire wedding party in Nikes, I should have said “JUST DO IT!”

Now it’s on to the New Year of 2015 as Mr. and Mrs. Keasal tackle life and the gym together, making gains each step of the way…in Nikes of course ☺