Every little girl dreams of her special day, the white dress and marrying her knight in shining armor…yet my dream was a little different, involving Nikes and flexing in my wedding dress! Still had the knight, except he prefers to wear Under Armour over his biceps!

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Taja & Shaun_195

Did you get a good view of my tricep in that photo?
On December 6, 2014, I married my best friend, my swolemate and the man who is my undying support in and out of the gym, Shawn Keasal. Of course I stressed about every little detail being perfect: the cake, the dress, the centerpieces, the music, etc. But as a Fit Girl I was a little more anal about different details like which Nikes will the bridal party wear down the aisle and did you get a good view of my tricep in that photo?

Taja & Shaun_007

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