Busy life? 5 tips to eat and move better

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Improving your health requires focus two things; 1. eating healthy and 2. workout and being active. Ever since I started to improve my health, it seems like it got easier for me to live with a busy agenda and be active all day – every day. The benefits of eating healthy and working out are remarkable! Your energy levels will get a boost, you’ll sleep better, be more productive, have less stress, a positive self-esteem and overall: a better mood in body and mind.

Of course improving your health doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, discipline, involves making small changes to your daily routine and patience. So when you have a busy life, you’ll probably think there’s no way for you to realize a healthy lifestyle? WRONG! You can. Myself, I have a fulltime job, am a fulltime blogger and owner of Foodie-ness, follow a traineeship program and workout 5-6 times a week. Today I want to share 5 tips that helped me to eat healthy, workout (efficient), perform to the max and most important: be happy!

5 tips to eat and move better

  1. Shake up your wake up with a healthy breakfast.
    Kick start your metabolism first thing in the morning with a healthy meal for breakfast. Boost your energy, focus and concentration.  Read more on the Foodie-ness blog about how to jump start your body with breakfast and try some of my recipes to find a breakfast meal that will fit into your busy morning
  2. Meal prepping!
    Meal prep is KEY for busy girls to reach their body goals. Two reasons: 1. By prepping your meals you will save yourself time during your busy day. You can eat whenever there’s free time and refuel your body and mind. 2. Eating a healthy meal can be difficult when you’re job or school restricts your to options nearby. Bring your own meal and the chances to eat junk food will decrease.
  3. Eat small meals 6 times a day
    For me it’s much more easy to fuel my body regularly with 6 small snacks/meals compared to 3 large meals. I’m not fast in eating and thus it’s time consuming. By eating multiple times during the day your body will maintain a steady amount of energy, your brain will get constant nourishment and your metabolism will run all day to the max! Taking a 10 min break between meetings for a small healthy meal makes me perform full power AND contributes to realizing my body goals.
  4. Incorporate quick workouts
    Ok, so after finding yourself a way to eat healthy it’s still important to workout and live active each day! Make your workouts a priority and schedule time for it. Though some jobs make it impossible to be flexible in time management there’s a solution called: HIIT! Read now on my blog how I incorporate a morning HIIT before work. It won’t take you longer than 25 minutes AND will help you to burn calories like a rockstar! After a morning workout you’ll feel completely energized to get your day started and blessed that your workout is done already
  5. Plan to be a planner!
    A goal without a plan is simply a wish. No matter what type or size of goals you have, planning ahead of the curve is crucial in order to be successful. Especially if your life is busy, you have to plan all your activities in order to keep up and multitask. Be specific in your goals and plans, prioritize them and don’t forget that there are 7 days in a week: time management. Be proud of yourself each day you finished all your action items (breakfast, meal prepping, morning HIIT.. ha ha) and are one step closer to a healthy, happy (and busy) you!

    See you next week!Live happily ever active,
    Foodie-ness, Carolina.