Some weeks ago I started my own butt and and leg exercise challenge, which I did three times a week to intensively train my butt and legs. My goal: round, beautiful buttocks and shapely legs.

Normally I would have thrown in the towel after the second week of the challenge, but I realize now that I am really motivated to achieve my goals. In addition, writing for #FITGIRLCODE also really helps to stick to a challenge, because I know that my blog is read by someone. I have to stick to my word and be honest for you Fit Girls.

Until now, I had only been using this schedule from the Body and Mind Control. I still had to look sometimes at how much weight I needed to use for certain exercises, because now I do the exercises in sets of 3 x 20 repetitions. Eventually this increases, so in the fourth week the challenge requires you do 3 sets of 50 for each exercise. Let me tell you, it’s going to be tough!

After two weeks I already noticed a tiny bit difference from the buttocks and leg exercise schedule. My legs and buttocks felt slightly fuller… or maybe they hadn’t filled out so much, but I was really happy to see a little progress.?

buttocks and legs challenge

I noticed that my body consumes more energy so I needed to eat more. In the morning I eat a large bowl of oatmeal, in the afternoon I have three slices of bread with cheese and avocado and in between, some yoghurt with fruit and granola. For dinner I’ll normally have a quinoa salad with a piece of fish or meat.

I am proud that I started and stuck to my own challenge and have consistently worked out. See you soon for another update on my progress! Have you tried out the schedule yet? Take a look at it here, challenge yourself, and let me know what you think!


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