Celebrity fitspiration marathon times - Are you faster?

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Are you training for a marathon this year or have you recently completed one? First, well done for being awesome, creating a goal and committing to it! Whether you are just starting out or you have been running for a while, take inspiration from some of these celebrity marathon times, including Oprah and Katie Holmes, who are amongst some of the women out there who have checked off running a marathon from their bucket list. See how your race time compares with theirs and 10 more celebrities listed here! 

The marathon here in Rotterdam might be over for this year but here is an excuse to relive that feeling of accomplishment when you received your official finishing time by comparing it with some famous fit females! If you haven't managed to complete a marathon yet haven't, there are other dates on the runners calendar that you can work towards this year! In the meantime, you can use this calculator here to estimate your finishing time. Based on your current distance and pace, use this prediction to motivate you to go further and faster on your next run! 

Maybe a marathon was never in your sights on your fitness journey but running events take place all year round. Even if you are not the competitive type or beating a personal best doesn't motivate you, signing up to a race and having a fixed date can give you the drive you need to begin working on a new fitness goal, and more importantly sticking to it! 

Did you take part in a race recently? Was it your first or have you been smashing personal bests for a while? Tell us what your running goals are for 2015 and how you train for a race. If these women can do it, so can you.