Next season, for the first time in my life, I’m going to play in a foreign league, namely with Bergamo in Italy. I say next season because that still sound far away, but it actually means that I’m already leaving next week.

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My intuition was right all along
How did I end up at Bergamo? Well, my volleyball agent showed me a list of clubs who were interested in me. I took a look at them and for some reason my finger pointed directly to Foppapredetti Bergamo. At this point I didn’t know anything about the club. Ofcourse I also was realistic: what do I need the next few years to become a good player? A good trainer and a safe club were the most important aspects for me. After asking around and crossing names of the list, I actually ended up at Bergamo. Awesome that my intuition was right all along. I’m really looking forward to learning Italian and getting to know the culture. I have to be careful though not to adjust too much to the food culture, or else I won’t fit into the airplane seat when I go back to Holland. 😉

Italian traditions
The most exciting part for me is to to see if I play well enough for the Bergamo team. I hope I can deliver! It’s weird, because I never felt like this before, fortunately everyone is telling me that it’s gonna be okay. My team mates from the Dutch National team are a great support, I can ask them anything about playing overseas. They already told me what to expect about the culture and traditions within a professional Italian club. One thing I already learned is that you DON’T cut up your spaghetti, you’re not gonna make a great impression with that, haha. What I also heard is that you’re not supposed to walk the street with wet hair. OMG, I do that all the time! I am really proud of my hair, so I treat it very well by washing it daily. If I can’t go outside, after I just washed it, I have a huge problem! I don’t have the time to blowdry it every day, you know!

Well guys, please wish me luck in Italy! If you have any tips about the Italian culture or what places I should definitely visit, please let me know. If you want to stay updated about my adventures in Italy, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

XO Celeste

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