March this year I started blogging for #FITGIRLCODE. I was right at the beginning of my personal fit journey. In my first article I wrote about making sacrifices. It frustrated me that I couldn’t have both: drink wine, eat loads of cheese AND look like Beyoncé at the same time. But I had to admit that was just another excuse not to pursue my goals. So I decided to change. I cut (most of) the crap and started working out three to four times a week at Sixforty. And I’m still hanging in there! There’s one thing I’m damn sure about, I am never going back to where I came from. I definitely unlocked my personal code to a healthy life style.

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728x90 shop GIF banner

I’m slowly transforming into Anna 2.0, and sometimes I reflect on who I was before I started this journey. Ofcourse I do that in terms of how much weight I lost, and how many clothing sizes I shrunk, but I also noticed that my self-image really changed. For example, when I started writing for #FITGIRLCODE, we did a photoshoot together with all the bloggers. I felt so uncomfortable posing for the camera and you can really tell that by looking at the pictures that were made. Fortunately, we recently did the photoshoot for the #FITGIRLCODE webshop and those photos are awesome. I felt much more confident being photographed because I was finally comfortable in my own skin. I’m not gonna lie, there are still photos where I don’t like the way I look, but there are way more photos I’m really proud of. Check out the difference in my facial expression in the pictures on the next pages. Not that awkward anymore, right?

So whenever you’re feeling down or your going trough a fit dip, imagine yourself six months from now. It will be worth it!


Photoshoot March 2014




Photoshoot August 2014

Fitgirlcode 032 Fitgirlcode 047

Fitgirlcode 049 Fitgirlcode 052

Fitgirlcode 055 Fitgirlcode 056


Quite different huh? Like the look? Be sure to visit our awesome webshop to get you own #FITGIRLCODE goodies!


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