Creating Safe Spaces for girls in Nairobi

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Every once in a while you come across people who can change your state of mind and perspective on life. We as #Fitgirlcode were lucky enough to encounter a person like that: Peninah Musyimi. We met her for a yoga session and got to listen to her story. This strong woman dedicates her life to create Safe Spaces for young girls in the slums of Nairobi by teaching them to discover their own strenghth and to take matters into own hands. We want you to know about her, here's her story. 

Breaking the circle
Peninah grew up in the slums of Nairobi with no chances of an education, food or even control of her own life. But from the beginning she knew she wanted to get an education and she did everything she could to achieve that. In primary school, she was in the top of her class! But she didn't stop there, she fought to go to secondary school, even if that meant attending without shoes, uniform and food. Her determination helped her walk 16 km every single day to get to school.

Higher education
When she heard she could get a scholarship to study law at a university by playing basketball, she taught herself how to play within a month and got the scholarship! This is the definition of determination! After studying law and getting her degree Peninah knew she wanted to help other girls who where just like her growing up and help them empower themselves and in 2008 she created the project Safe Spaces, a girl empowerment organization that works with young girls and women between the ages of 7 – 25 to build a stronger generation of dynamic young women.

What's it's like to be a girl in Nairobi
Young women and girls continually bear the greatest burden in society. In slum areas the rate of HIV infection for young women is 5x higher than young men. Although many strategies are needed to tackle these complex issues, Safe Spaces focuses on the need for young women to be the driving force behind their personal growth and supports them to be strong community leaders.

Safe Spaces teaches the girls how to discover their own strength through basketball, yoga and dancing. Safe Spaces gives the girls scholarships so that they can go to school, learn a trade or get a higher education.

Learn more about Safe Spaces and the girls

What can you do to help?
Do you want to support Peninah in her journey so she can keep helping her girls? Please click here and donate to Safe Spaces. #Fitgirlcode will be meeting again with Peninah in September (Holland) and we want you to be there too! So keep an eye on our blog for this event! Don't forget to like the Facebook page of Safe Spaces!




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