Dare 2 Challenge - part 2

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Well, this challenge became a pain in my cute butt. I was hoping the challenge would become easier, but unfortunately that was not the case. But even after I went a bit flamingo-crazy with my cheat days, I can still be proud of what I have accomplished after my 3 months challenge (live a complete healthy lifestyle)! YEAH! Here’s why:

Because I am determined to fully unlock my personal code for a healthy lifestyle, I challenged myself. In part 1 of my challenge I explained the 5 CONDITIONS and the 2 RULES I needed to keep myself to for the last 3 MONTHS. Working out on a regular base alone is not sufficient to fully unlock a healthy lifestyle. Your food intake is as important and especially since your body needs food to recover from your insane workouts.


Developing a food schedule I feel comfortable with and gives me balance in my healthy lifestyle.

… and now the results!
Because of my full-time support system and determination to complete my challenge, I managed to stay off the following drinks and food for 3 WHOLE MONTHS:

    1. Alcohol
    2. Soft and fruits drinks (also the light versions)
    3. Snacks (chocolate, candy, chips, cupcakes, pie etc.)
    4. Raw sugar
    5. Greasy and fast food

Due to some stressful events during these 3 MONTHS I did have two extra cheat days. Which is not a crime I know. I did however realise that stressful events or living an unbalanced life contributes to overeating and seeking for quick “comfort food”. And by “comfort food”  I mean snacks with sugar and meals like fast food.

My conclusion
To unlock your personal code to a healthy lifestyle you need to give yourself time. Time to figure out what works for you. Also you need to find the project manager in yourself, since living a healthy lifestyle needs a solid plan. Like prepping or baking your healthy snacks/meals in advance if you know you are going to have a busy week. Or to schedule in your workouts in advance otherwise you end up skipping them and thinking you will hit the gym tomorrow. ..if you are not busy again.
And finally, I like to call my cheat day a treat day. This sounds way more positive and will prevent you from going flamingo-crazy. Because if you treat yourself you can actually enjoy it instead of feeling guilty. The feeling of guilt contributes to the feeling of sadness, failure and stress. Those feelings like to be comforted and therefore your body will send signals to your brain to eat more.

In my food and exercise schedule you can see how I found my balance in my healthy hectic lifestyle. In this article you can also read all about my journey and the challenges I had to overcome and to get me to where I am now. A HAPPY :D  Fit Girl who likes to live an active and challenging life ;)

FINAL: During the 3 MONTHS of my challenge I learned that my body is still developing and that’s why I need to keep adapting my food intake. I will keep challenging myself to learn more about nutrition and skill training in the gym ;)

Do you want start your own challenge?

And remember dare 2 challenge yourself, but also dare 2 fail. Because there is nothing wrong learning from your mistakes! :D

Good luck and have fun! :D

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