Detox: yay or nay?

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Detoxing is a word with a lot of connotations and it has both advocates and adversaries. Nowadays, detoxing is very popular and there's a lot of controversy around the subject. But what is it that detoxing does for your body and why is there such a heated debate about it? 

What is detoxing?

Cleansing of the body, getting rid of toxins, juice cleansing and bringing the body back into balance are different ways to describe a detox. Advocates of detox programs believe that there are all sorts of toxins in our nutrition and environment which the body cannot get rid of in a natural way. Because of this, these toxins are being stored in our cells and bowels and can contribute to fatigue, bad skin and gaining weight. Since you eat as healthy as possible during a detox, detoxing could help in getting rid of the toxins. This process is quite intense and that's why people who follow a detox program are often feeling tired and sulky. After a detox, the body would be entirely cleansed and one can pick up his/her normal lifestyle. Adversaries claim that detoxing could potentially do more harm than good. They claim it would be a waste of time and that detoxing is a vague term which does not specify which toxins are being removed, where they are being removed from and how this happens.


There are a lot of different detox programs. The most well-known ones are the programs in which people mostly have to consume fruit- and veggiejuices for a week. Last year in January I also fell for the detox trend. A 7-day detox in which the body would be cleansed by drinking different kinds of juices. Because of all the debate around detoxing, I got curious as well. Through Facebook I found this online detox program and the description "like bringing your car to the garage for maintenance" and "a good way to get yourself back on track" caught my attention. I was immediately sold to the idea and it seemed interesting to try out the experience. It sounded exciting and I saw it as a challenge. Could I keep it up and what would it do to my body? In general, the detox was doable, but in the beginning I felt very low in energy. After a couple of days I was used to it and I felt better and better.

What did it do for my body? I lost 5 kg in a week, but gained them just as fast as soon as I started eating normally again. I felt clean after the detox and had more energy, but to be honest, I also have this feeling when I drink enough water for a week or follow a balanced nutrition plan with lots of fruit and veggies. I was really proud of myself for keeping up the detox, but whether I felt like a new person? No, absolutely not. However, I do try to drink more juices and smoothies because of the detox and integrate this in my daily routine. A smoothie I really like to drink to keep my body clean is the Antioxidant of innocent drinks. This smoothie contains 3 antioxidants - vitamin C, E and selenium - which keep your cells fresh and it suits a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. I drink this juice approximately 1 or 2 times a week and it kickstarts my day.

So do I believe in the magic of detoxing? I think keeping in the middle is the best solution, as it is with many things in life. Your body then also removes toxins in a natural way by using your liver, bowels and kidneys, so a detox program does not have to be  the solution. It's important to follow a varied nutrition plan in which veggies, fruit, grains and water play a big role and to exercise regularly next to that!

What do you Fit Girls think of detoxing? Have you tried it out and what are your experiences? Please share it with the #FITGIRLCODE community by using #ImInnocent in all your posts, comments and photo's!