My first Diamond League, in Shanghai of all places and I wasn’t last! For the people who do not get as excited as I am right now , I’ll give you a little explanation. In athletics there are different levels of competitions and Diamond League competitions are the highest level you get (except for of course the Olympic Games and World Championships). So this means running with the best 400m hurdlers in the world! The pressure is definitely on now. Among the competition in my race were Kaliese Spencer world leading and a PB of 52,79 and two times world champ Lashinda Demus with a PB of 52.47. A starting list full of the most amazing 400hurdlers and ME! So Excited!

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The excitement dropped immediately when I realized on Wednesday that it was Ascension Day on Thursday, A public holiday, the same Thursday I wanted to pick up my VISA before I flew to Shanghai on that same Thursday.. PANIC! I just screwed up my first Diamond League, before even getting there. I called my manager, who was way to calm, to tell her how dumb I had been. It took her no more than 5 minutes to change my flight and to mend my scattered dream. Thank god for awesome managers! First lesson learned I can say.


My flight to Shanghai was a night flight, so the battle against the jetlag started immediately. Luckily I flew in comfort class and the seat next to me was empty, so I could make little bed and slept a total of 5 hours, score!  I stayed at the athletes hotel located in the stadium, you could basically see the track from the hotel lobby, so cool.  After I settled down at my room and got some lunch I went to the track to train a little and of course make some necessary selfies. While I did my training, the Chinese volunteers were also practicing for the competition, which was pretty funny to see, all walking in a straight line putting down hurdles almost synchronously. After dinner I just needed to stay awake until 22:00, except for a couple of 5 minute naps I made it.

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