My dream job

Fit & Training door thijs

Hello Fit Girls from all over the world! I can honestly say that, as a professional athlete, I have found my dream job. I can do what I love to do every day and what once started as a hobby has now become my profession. Wanna know what my profession is? Volleybal!

However, I have to admit that life as an athlete isn’t always that nice or running smoothly. Unfortunately when I was younger I learned it the hard way. Injuries, bad advices and trying to have a life next to the sport were all part of my journey to become a prefessional athlete. People often don’t see this side, because the only things they see of an athlete's life are the moments in the spotlight. But what about celebrating your birthday or comforting a friend after a break-up. Most athletes live abroad, so we cannot come back home that easily. We cannot plan anything ahead, because our schedules are most of the time made one week beforehand and often change one day before.

I don't mean to be negative, but I just want to indicate that every job has its downsides. I’ve made my decision to be a professional athlete and I personally think of it as my dream job! And fortunately, my close friends and family have accepted my decision and they support me in every possible way. I think that in the end, the most important thing in life is that you do the things you love as much as you'd like. And when you do, do it with a smile! It’s the most beautiful curve of your body!

Did you find your dream job yet? If not, what would your dream job be like?