5 easy ways to work-out on Christmas vacation

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Leaving the country for a well deserved holiday this winter? Don't worry we got you with Iris & Ily's 5 easy ways to work-out on Christmas vacation. Because being on holiday doesn't have to mean not working out. Exercise is always a great mood-booster, and it shouldn't be something that you forget about when you go out of town!

There's an uncontested amount of joy surrounding vacations — the promise of warm weather (depending on where you're going, of course) coupled with an opportunity to take a break and escape. And while all of these experiences are integral when it comes to planning your next trip, it's also important to incorporate some wellness into your travels.

5 easy ways to work-out on Christmas vacation

1. Go on a morning walk

As soon as you arrive at your hotel or rental, lace up your running shoes and get outside for a walk. It's a great way to see the town, and you'll probably discover all sorts of small neighbourhood quirks you might have otherwise missed.

If your destination has a place to swim, you can get a full-body workout and enjoy your time in the sun with a few pool exercises. Jump in the water and warm up with some underwater jumping jacks, then alternate between high knees and treading water.


A creative way to feel like a local instantly is to sign up for a race or community walk. You'll work up a sweat, meet a few residents, and your course may grant you access to roads you would never have seen.

When you're exploring a new place, tours are great, but rather than signing up for one that puts you inside a bus, sign up for one that takes place on a bike. Loads of cities offer two-wheeled tours, and they're great because you'll burn calories while getting a different view of the terrain.


See if you can find a gym close to your vacation destination and try to log at least 30 minutes in the mornings. Bonus points if the gym overlooks the street or the beach :-)

Have fun!


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