This is the week we’ve all been waiting for! Food frenzie and unlimited satisfying binging till we have to open not one, not two but all the buttons from our jeans! This week we are the stuffed turkey….. gobble, gobble, gobble!

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Eat your heart out!

We at Model Workout have some models that are on a strict regime. The big 4 fashion weeks are on their way, starting the end of January. Do we feel sorry for them? Ofcourse not silly! Nobody’s forcing them to walk the runway but as every professional you need to work hard to get in the top position. Do you even want to be that strict?

Ready, set, go!
Now back to our position! Stop worrying about eating too much. I have girlfriends claiming they put on 6 kilo’s after the holidays. I find that very hard to believe. Unless from day one they stopped moving, only drink buckets of whipped cream and did some binge eating at night, stealing Santa’s cookies.

What is the secret? How not to put on 6 kilo’s? Brace yourselves, it will shock your pubes off! Continue with your workouts, take the stairs, ride your bike and lift all those heavy christmas groceries yourself! Unlock your inner powergirl <3 Now to help you along the way is our Core Workout. Maybe we can stick by just opening just one button 😉


Train along with Ashely in this video and do this workout with her in three rounds with 30 seconds workout time per exercises. Put your interval timer on 40 seconds workout time with 10 seconds break; try this for 3 rounds. Keep adding up while becoming a pro!

For more videos check out! That way you can train along with me and all the other girls too!




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