Win tickets for awesome parties during Christmas holiday

Fit & Training door anna FG

We Fit Girls aim to live a healthy and balanced life. You can be really proud of yourself if you workout several times a week and if you limit yourself to one (more or less) cheat day(s) a week. Ofcourse there is no harm in letting go every now and then. The Christmas holiday is meant to enjoy sumptuous dinners together with friends and family. Remember, you won’t get fat between Christmas and NYE, you get fat between NYE and Christmas ;) Ofcourse you can workout in between Christmas and NYE to limit the damage, but we suggest you do it the fun way! We think dancing is the best way to burn the extra calories you might gained because the delicious turkey and mashed patotoes.

That’s why we selected two awesome parties for you to party until sunrise; one in Rotterdam on 2nd day of Christmas and one in Amsterdam on NYE. For each party we have some tickets to give away. Pick your favourite party and let us know in the comments below why you and your friend should go to this party. You might win tickets for the most awesome parties during the holidays!

December 26th: 3-year anniversary Contra in Ferro Dome Rotterdam

CONTRA is a Rotterdam Based Party Society. Their parties are not just like any party; they are innovative, forward thinking and adventurous. They offer people things that haven't been done in Rotterdam before. On December 26th CONTRA will celebrate their 3-year anniversary. They will be the first ones to host a party in de Ferro Dome. This blue industrial gasometer is the new home for innovative music events and CONTRA will throw its housewarming. It's CONTRA's biggest event ever so they'll go all out! DJ's starring this evening are Boddika, CW/A live (Clockwork & Avatism), Cosmin TRG, Space Dimension Controller, Boris Werner, Florinsz Janvier & Some Chemistry, Nino&Frankie.

We give a away 2 x 2 tickets worth 25 euro each. Please let us know in the comments below why you wanna shake your tail feather at this blazing party and Santa might surprise with 2 free tickets! Don't you want to miss this party for the world? Get your tickets now and your Christmas will be amazeballs for sure!

December 31st : Moulin Rouge New Year's Eve - La Société Boheme

In 2014 Lloyd Acardi brings all the seduction and madness of 1900 Paris to Amsterdam during New Year’s Eve, with a true bohemian night in one of the most magical historic locations in the city, the Koepelkerk. To close the year on a high note, a select group of bohemian souls will party until sunrise, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the most glamorous cabaret in the world, the Moulin Rouge. Expect majestic entertainment and 4 different thematic area’s with live bands, circus acts, fire shows, acrobats and aerial performances, sexy cancan dancers, opera singers, pin-up burlesque hostesses and the best DJ’s in town.

We're giving away 2 tickets worth 75 euro each. Please let us know in the comments below why you NEED to go to this party and you might experience an evening you’ll never forget. If you wanna make sure that you are going to this exclusive party, join La Société Boheme and get your tickets now!

Please let us know before Wednesday 23th of December, 2014 12:00h CET to which party you wanna go and we might make it happen!