Enjoy chocolate while you can!

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Chocolate. Our number one best friend. Chocolate equals happiness, joy, temporary love even in some situations...However,  it was recently in the news that chocolate might become priceless (literally) in the future. Don't panic yet! Let me explain why this doom scenario has been predicted.

Countries like China, India and Brazil are buying increasing amounts of chocolate, while in the Western part of the world, the demand for pure chocolate (Fit Girls everywhere!) is exploding too. This results in a worldwide scarcity of cacao. They are saying that in 2020, we will be short of one million ton of cacao, of which you could make about seven billion chocolate bars. Oh my, that doesn't sound very good, does it?

If no one takes any action, chocolate could become a luxury product in the future. In the past few years, the price of cacao has already increased a lot, so just imagine how it would be if this scenario plays out. And the thing is, cacao farmers in Africa are very poor, since farming cacao doesn't really pay that well. So what would be a solution?

Better infrastructure in these countries would help in getting fertilizer for the farmers' ground, so cacao could be farmed more easily. They also need more land, more training and better loans. Luckily, Hans Perk from organisation Solidaridad is trying to prevent this awful thing from happening! Just in case, I'd say stack up on that raw cacao powder while you still can ;)

Source: nu.nl

What do you think Fit Girls, will chocolate become a luxury product in the future?