Have you ever been challenged and after you said YES, realised that the challenge is way out of your comfort zone… Well this happend to me when I agreed to join  Mr. Boyfriend and our co-rider friend Martin to cycle the 135k tour of “Limburgs Mooiste” in the Netherlands – Limburg. Which apparently is a well known road cycling (racing) tour in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and basically the rest of Europe. I kinda found that out at the START of the road cycling tour that it was serious business and I was at the point of one of my biggest challenges. Read how I experienced my first 135k of road cycling. 

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How this madness all started…
Ever since I became fit and loved to work-out again Mr. Boyfriend tried to convince me how much fun road cycling is. He and his friends often went for a “round around the block”, which is never less than 80k, and explaining me that now that I am a Fit Girl 😉 and have solid leg muscles this should be a “piece of cookie” for me. I couldn’t see myself raiding a road bike again ever since I almost fel into a ravine after cycling down a small hill in Belgium during school camp 13 years ago. I had injured my left arm pretty bad and still have a scar on my elbow reminding me that road cycling was not my cup of tea.

So for years I have been successfully avoiding cycling down hills, mountains, bridges and any roads with sharp curves that in mine mind were to dangerous to ride. YES, I developed a phobia and I was perfectly fine on my city bike taking me to “flat”  places on this planet.

But when Mr. Boyfriend decided to give a road racing bike for my birthday after he persistently said that he would very much like us to road cycle together. And he promised me that I would really like cycling again and this would be the way to overcome my phobia… I couldn’t resist his enthusiasm and ‘way-over-the-top’ gift. So YES, let’s do this! (not knowing what I was getting myself into… within four months after lifting my new racing bike 😉


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