Exercises to increase balance

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Whether you're just getting started with fitness or an advanced athlete or a nice-weather-runner, balance is key  in any routine. I myself, used to struggle with everything in the balance department when I first started taking fitness seriously and I've learned a lot along the way about the importance of it. Proper balance training  helps with maintaining a good balance overall and provides safety throughout future workouts. That is why today I'm sharing some exercises to increase balance with you all.

What is balance?

Before I get all lost in updating you on all kind movements which you can use to train your balance, I think it good to quickly explain the narrative. Balance is the condition during which your body's center of gravity is maintained within its base of support;  also called the state of equilibrium, which not only relies on the position of the center of gravity in relation to the base of support, but also makes use of the direction of the forces and the base of support its self. The three pathways that help maintain your balance, are the eyes, the ears and the nervous system.

Working on balance from start to finish

Now that some of the technical difficulties are out of the way I think it is time to equip you with some #homework you can take with you to the gym. Looking for a challenge? Than I suggest you get up close and personal with a barbell and some #heavyass plates and start to work on your Barbell Deadlift skills. Your rectus abdominus and also your glutes will thank you later.

For working the balance in the ab region you can challenge yourself to a trial on perfecting the Ball Crunch for which you will be needing a stability ball and some #fitgirldedication.

Want to work on the balance in your lower body? Try some weighted Leg Raises. I love to work on these using a barbell, as seen in the header image, but you can just as easily use a kettle bell or a set of dumbbells instead.

Work that core

Now you know what to do I would like to leave you with a quick reminder you have probably heard before; balance training equals core training  as training your core is vital for every Fit Girl. Whether you are lifting heavy, jogging or doing other activities that are engaging the lower and upper body, strength extracted from your core is used in every movement. Working on strengthening your core will help on improving your balance allover and will also benefit the stability of the spine.

So that is that. I hope these tips are helpful. Hit me up on Instagram if you like @ily_fitgirl!