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Do you remember when we told you that the #FITGIRLCODE crew is going to be at Boothstock festival? And that we are going to sell our awesome #FITGIRLCODE bags at Boothstock festival? And that you can buy your ticket HERE for Boothstock festival? No?  Well, now I’ve just reminded you ;).

Days before I’m leaving for a festival, I’m always thinking (probably most of the times overthinking) about what I’m going to wear. In case you have the same problem, I’ve selected some very cool items for you just in case you don’t know what to wear or if you just feel like shopping (don’t we always feel like shopping btw? ;))




When I’m going to a festival on a very hot day, I prefer my clothes to be breezy. In this way, I’m not getting too hot. I believe this skirt is perfect for that. This flowers on the skirt give the skirt a festival kinda look.

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Black T-shirt

I LOVE THIS SHIRT. I already asked it for my birthday. I think the text is hilarious (plus, who doesn’t love vodka?;)). This tee is also very festival like, because it’s a no sleeve, cool text, rocky shirt.

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Crop top

In case you want to show off your abs that you got from our 30 day ab challenge or just want to wear a crop top because it’s fun (I don’t have abs so I usually go for the last option) you can wear this crop top with an awesome print to the Boothstock festival.

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During the night it can become cold. Therefore, it’s always easy to get yourself a sweater, because it will keep you warm.

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If it’s not too hot outside and you’re going to a festival, you might try out this blazer. It will keep you warm, but you still look fashionable because you’re wearing a blazer instead of a coat. AND this blazer has polkadots on it which makes it festival proof.

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What is your favorite festival outfit? And don't forget to buy your ticket for Boothstock festival in order to see us!

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