Us Fit Girls, like to keep track of our progress as best as we can and there are several ways and gadgets to help us do that. There’s the Nike FuelBand, the Samsung GearFit, the Fitbit, the jawbone and so on…. Another thing they have in common, besides counting calories and telling the time is that they are plain dull and some quite …ehmm…ugly. Fortunately, there’s now a fashionable Fitbit collection by Tory Burch out on the market and it looks pretty cute! 


Fitbit goes fash

This is how the Fitbit wristbands looked like before Tory decided to give them a fashionable upgrade. The thing with these types of bands is that they tend to have this cheap feel to them (even though they are obviously not), they are dull and unattractive and just don’t complete the look unless you’re sweating at the gym or out for a run! Since you can essentially plug the actual measuring device from one band to another, why not give it a better look?




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