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I like to run. But when it's winter time, it can be pretty hard to find the right clothes that fit the weather. It can be pretty cold outside, so you have to dress properly. However, you also have to find clothing that is not too hot when you're working out. Decisions, decisions.. Here's my favourite workOUTfit that I wear when I am running outside during winter time. 

Long Tights

Long tights are the perfect solution for a run. They're warm enough to not freeze to death outside and they're not too hot when you're working out. Furthermore, I love leggings, especially when they have a cool design. In this picture I'm wearing the long tights from Jogha. I chose for for these long tights since they have a nice and striking print while I keep the rest of my clothes pretty neutral (Except for the shoes of course ;)). Nice to know: this print is called the Ikat print.


It rains a lot in the Netherlands. Therefore, it's always good to wear a jacket. This jacket has a water resistent exterior which makes it the ultimate jacket to wear when you're working out outside. I'm wearing the Ikat reversible jacket from Jogha. Since I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit neutral I am wearing the black side of the jacket.


Alright, I cheated a bit. For this photoshoot I also brought the #FITGIRLCODE hoodie. It's super comfy and perfect for a run when it's NOT raining outside. That's actually pretty hard for the Netherlands, but these days happen once in a while.


You can't go for a proper run without the right shoes. In this picture, I'm wearing bright orange Nike Zoom. You can buy these shoes in a lot of different colours since you can design them yourself! How awesome is that!

This is my running outfit! I'll call it functional and comfortable with a little dash of style. Do you have a favourite sports outfit? I would love to know! :)

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