Fearless Features 2

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No unicorns were harmed in the making of the Fearless collection. You may know that Jogha is a fair wear and sustainable brand, and we believe that in order to be able to fully enjoy our environment we must take good care of it. 

Jogha works with some pretty amazing people, and we think that it is important to share this with you so you know how awesome your Jogha clothes really are! Jogha clothing is produced by the Yeh Group in Thailand, an innovative and sustainable factory with stellar working conditions.


For the upcoming Fearless collection, the tees were produced using the revolutionary DryDye technology. DryDye is a waterless technology that uses air instead of the usual 25 litres of water to dye a shirt, resulting in much less energy and unnecessary chemicals used in the process. Recycled CO2 is used instead, and 95% of it can again be recycled to be utilized to dye more beautiful clothing.

We can assure you that the fit, feel, and look of the items were not compromised by the use of DryDye, but rather the quality of the pieces was enhanced.

You can read more about Jogha's sustainability and the Yeh Group here.

A priority at Jogha is that the quality of the products should continuously be maintained and improved. The sustainable techniques, unique prints, and transparent production process reflect this. We'll be back with more exciting features of the Fearless collection, stay in touch!