5 Hacks for making your coffee habit healthier

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#1. Cut down if your body tells you to

The caffeine in coffee can affect people very differently, so it is difficult to say how much is too much when talking about the maximum intake a day. It can depend on your weight, but even people of similar weight may experience caffeine differently. If your body is experiencing side effects that feel abnormal, it is important that you cut down and know what your limit is. Maybe try cutting down how much coffee you put in your drink, too, as this can also be a factor of having too much coffee and experiencing side effects.


#2. Stop drinking coffee at 2pm

If you have trouble sleeping, it may be due to your coffee intake. Sleeping problems can affect your body and mind in so many ways, so it is important to take all of the measures necessary to sort out the problem. As mentioned before, everybody experiences the effects of caffeine differently, so it is hard to say an exact time to stop drinking coffee, but 2pm is a good guideline. If you are still having a bad night’s sleep even when stopping at 2pm, it may be worth stopping earlier. It is also a good idea to visit a doctor if you are having issues with your sleep, even after taking measures to improve it.


#3. Drink good quality coffee

Drinking good quality, organic coffee is so important if you are an avid coffee drinker or not. Kopi Luwak coffee is known for being smooth and balanced; it is also 100% organic too. Drinking this kind of coffee will ensure that you aren’t putting any unnatural chemicals into your body, which some bad-quality coffees unfortunately have.


#4. Add less sugar into your coffee

Sugar is one of the worst factors in a diet. It is bad for you not only because it has lots of calories but also if you suffer from any condition diabetes-related, including diabetes itself, then it can be dangerous to your blood sugar levels. There are a number of different health problems that sugar could contribute to, so it is important to cut down wherever you can in your diet. If you are noticing that you are adding sugar into your coffee, make sure that you aren’t using too much. If you can, try using no sugar at all and let the coffee taste shine through by itself.


#5. Switch to almond milk or no milk at all

Cow’s milk can make your coffee quite high in calories, especially if you are adding sugar too so there’s even more. Almond milk has fewer calories and it also contains vitamins. Even though almond milk may be better for you than cow’s milk, try having no milk at all. There are far fewer calories in a cup of black coffee. The taste may seem too powerful at first, but over time, you will adapt to the flavor.

Drinking coffee does have its ups and downs. It is important to know the effects of coffee, even if you don’t drink it that regularly. Enjoy your warm, flavorsome cup of coffee whilst still making sure that it is as healthy as it can be.

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