Female highlights at the 2018 Winter Olympics

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This weekend the Olympic flame in Pyeongchang was extinguished. With a beautiful closing ceremony, the world was able to say goodbye to its winter athletes, until the next Winter Olympics in 2022, in Beijing that is. Medals were won and records were broken. The Winter Olympics definitely did not go down in silence. Norway managed to collect the most medals this year, with Germany and Canada as runner ups. Between all the news and events, we want to highlight 4 female athletes that left their mark on the South-Korean mountains throughout these Games.

1. Chloe Kim

You may or may not have heard of her, but Chloe Kim was definitely one of the female sensations this winter. This 17 year old American teenager managed to win Gold in the women’s snowboarding halfpipe category. This makes her the youngest female, snowboarding medallist. That doesn’t just happen any day! What we love most about her is her humble and young personality which made her one of the most relatable athletes yet. Before hitting the slopes she tweeted that she was feeling “hangry” because she wasn’t able to finish her breakfast. #MOOD

2. Ester Ledecka

Ester Ledecka is a Czech athlete that managed to do the impossible as she went on to win Gold for skiing AND snowboarding. Completing a perfect and unbeatable time in the women’s Super-G skiing and the women’s parallel giant slalom in snowboarding. It is a new record for the Winter Olympics! Never before has anyone managed to win Gold in 2 completely different sports in one winter. Can you imagine being the only person to ever have managed to do something, EVER?! The only thing I can do that’s even remotely impressive is finishing 2 large pizzas on my own (probably in a record time though). Ester Ledecka can relate to this on a certain level as well, since she went on to celebrate her win at KFC. If this isn’t how all of us would’ve celebrated, then I don’t know!

3. Mirai Nagasu

Moving on to a completely different sporting category, Mirai Nagasu is an American figure skater that has proven her talent in the Winter Olympics this year. She has become a worldwide legend in the sport as she became the first American woman to ever successfully execute the triple axel jump at the Olympics. This jump is so rare because it involves 3 and a half turns, and a landing that doesn’t kill you of course! For Mirai Nagasu this jump is a walk in the park, as she showed the world. Her performance brought value to the American team and aided them in achieving a Bronze medal. Cheers to once again doing the impossible!

4. Ireen Wüst

On the other side of ice skating you’ve got speed skating. Here the focus doesn’t lie on the aesthetics and jumps but, as you’d guess, on the speed. In this field, Ireen Wüst is the ruling queen. The Dutch athlete managed to become the speed skater with the most Olympic medals over the years. With a total of 11 medals, she sure has made the female community proud, and her country! You could find Ireen carrying her country’s flag in the closing ceremony.

That was it for the Winter Olympics of 2018. These impressive ladies weren’t the only ones as there were many, many others as well! We can safely say that they are our role models in the way that they pursuit their dreams. If there is one lesson to be learned it’s that everything’s possible and the only thing you need is self-confidence and motivation (and maybe some chocolate). Will we be seeing you in the next Winter Olympics in Beijing? ? Tell us about your dreams and goals in the comments.

Photo credits (Header): Joshua Reddekopp via Unsplash

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