It’s been a while since I shared something about my fit journey with you guys. Wasn’t there something worth sharing? Well, I guess there was but I was so busy running from one thing to the other that I didn’t really have the time to reflect on myself. The storm has settled and I start to see everything clear again. So what happened over the past few months?

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In summer, I decided that I wanted to do something I was truly passionate about. I quit my job and devoted most of my time to #FITGIRLCODE and Jogha. Although I consider it to be one of the best decisions in my life, a lot of things changed. My boyfriend also got another job hence we had to deal with different schedules. Eating and working out separately , became more a rule than an exception. On top of that, we also bought our first home and we decided to get a dog. Although this was all pretty exciting, for me personally, it was a lot of change to wrap my mind around.

The result of all these changes was that there wasn’t much time left for exercising. Of course I tried to squeeze it in and dragged my butt to the gym, but I felt like I wasn’t making enough progress in the Fit Girl department anymore.

My head felt like exploding
Although my job was very fulfilling, I was a bit disappointed in myself. I just wanted to do it all right: have a career, be an awesome Fit Girl and have a rocking social life at the same time. It started to frustrate me that I wasn’t able to handle my situation well; unlike other people who didn’t seem to have the same problem. Sometimes at night, my head felt like exploding and I couldn’t sleep at all. When I thought about the situation I was in, I realized that it wasn’t the first time that I felt like this; so overwhelmed by everything that was happening in my life. It was a recurring thing, which was actually always there; sometimes it just felt more pressing than other times.

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