What to do when having a fit dip?

Fit & Training door anna FG

Since I started my fit journey, I have been working out 4 times a week and paying real good attention to what I eat. But, I noticed lately that I am going through a bit of a fit dip. I really have to push myself to go and work out and my energy level seems kinda low. Besides, I keep fantasying about all my favorite foods and slack way more than I should. This stuff instantly has a negative effect on my self-image. I start to get the idea that I don’t make any progress anymore, and at some point, I even try to avoid the mirror. Deep down inside, I know that the image I see in the mirror is only formed by shitty and destructive thoughts, but I feel sad and uncomfortable looking at myself anyway. It’s not the first time that I have been at this point, so nowadays I recognize my behavior better.

I came up with some tips & tricks to get myself through these 'fit dips'. If you have a fit dip from time to time as well, these tips might help you:

Talk to someone (trainer, BFFF, partner) about your fit dip.

If you share your problems with someone else you will not only get a new perspective on things, you also admit to yourself that you’re going through a rough patch. Once you say what’s on your mind you are more likely to start solving your problems.

Acknowledge the goals you have already achieved.

I never thought I would have come this far, and sometimes I forget that. At those moments I only think about the fact that I’m not nearly where I wanna be. I noticed that a lot of people who post a before-and-after picture on Instagram share my thoughts, they say something like: “Check out the progress I made although it’s not nearly where I wanna be”. So on one hand they are proud of themselves (because they are sharing this photo for a reason) but on the other hand they sound a bit disappointed. So look back on your fit journey and try to be proud of all the progress you’ve already made, instead of beating yourself up about the results you didn’t achieve YET.


Try to change your work out routine.

Unfortunately when you do things often they become a bit boring after a while. So challenge your mind and body with new exercises (like the 30day ab challenge), a new running route or join a new group training at your gym.

Reward yourself.

Whenever I spoil myself with new sports apparel or other goodies, I instantly get motivated again. I just can’t wait to try out my new sports leggings or bake those healthy protein pancakes.


Try out new recipes.

Eating healthy day in, day out can be pretty difficult. Sometimes you just really crave that unhealthy crap and you don’t have any inspiration to treat yourself with healthy alternatives. Go on the search for some new, healthy and delicious recipes and filling up with junkfood will no longer seem like a good idea. Select some yummy recipes at the beginning of the week and try out a new one every day. I love to wander around on Foodness.nl and A Couple Cooks. The attractive food photography on this website always motivates me to try and make it myself.


Get inspired by other fit girls and boys.

Although you should never compare yourself to others, it could be helpful to see how other fit people try to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Get inspired by their tips, tricks, recipes and progress. There are loads of very inspirational Instagram accounts you can follow for your everyday dose of fitspiration. My personal favorites are: fitdutchies, foodie-ness, healthyfans, Lynn Hoefer, minimalist baker and one of our own bloggers, Anne.

Do you have any tips to overcome your fit dip? Please share them with us!