Our Latest #FitGirlApproved Item - Seaweed Pasta

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It had been a while since we found a product that fit the #FITGIRLCODE food standards so smoothly ;) Our latest Fit Girl approved item: seaweed pasta! We have found the solution to merge the best of both worlds: a bottomless pit of pasta that can be enjoyed 100% guilt FREE.

We decided to baptize them as Pasta 2.0, since they integrate all our favorite aspects of pasta and made them even more nutritious! Made from 100% natural seaweed products, the tagliatelle look like a dark Hulk-ish version of the traditional ones, and once cooked offers an al-dente texture!

The raw pasta:

But why go for seaweed pasta?

You might be wondering if we have gone a bit insane in wanting to replace a classic. But from another perspective, think of all the goodies you are treating your body to! It's not everyday we can enjoy pasta this way, and after all, balance is key ;) Here are 3 health benefits we bet you didn't know about seaweed:

1- They are extremely high in calcium: they can contain up to 10x more calcium than milk and 8x as much as beef

2- Blood purifying:  the chemical composition of seaweeds is so close to human blood plasma, that they are excellent at regulating and purifying our blood

3. Contains powerful chelating properties: before you go and think "say whaaat?", these offer protection from a  wide array of environmental toxins (e.g. heavy metals & pollutants) by converting them to harmless salts that the body can eliminate easily

*source: www.foodmatters.tv

What started out as a vacation treat on a hot and sunny day at Ibiza, turned into this lovely  creation. The Seamore CEO soon became addicted to his daily tagliatelle with algae order, and was so surprised by how similar the flavors were that he knew an idea had just presented itself to him. And since at #FITGIRLCODE we are all about turning ideas into reality, we invite you to get your own pasta packages through their crowdfunding video, and don't just take our word for how good these are ;) Every buy means I sea pasta is one step closer to making their project happen! Visit their website for more info!