Fit girl Chris' exercise and food log

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Fitgirlcode was started by bfff's (best fit friends forever) Aranka and Chris. When we started Fitgirlcode we wanted to inspire ourselves to get healthy and fit, and what happened in this process is that we inspired a lot more people to do the same. In the process, Chris lost some weight and gained loads of energy, killer abs, better skin and hair and an allover happier life. Last month we both created an exercise and food log for you guys. And last week Chris made a new one, just to show you that no week is the same!

Balancing food and exercise is very important. Just like Chris wrote in this blog, your body needs fuel to run (literally) and food=fuel! For us, and probably for many of you, no week is the same. So you can't eat the same foods and workout on the same days. Also its would get very boring. Chris makes sure she eats before she gets hungry, which is better for her mood and also for her eating habits. When she knows she has a very busy day, she makes sure that her meals have enough energy to get through it.

Fit Girl Chris' Exercise and Food log:

Explanation: Elevator sports is the name of a gym we work out. It is a total body workout for 1,5 hours and burns 1000 calories. We lift weights; do HIIT (High-intensity interval training), cardio, and squats. Everything is at your own pace and level.