Wax on or wax off?

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We Fit Girls need to treat ourselves with some much deserved relax time every once in a while. Being pampered by getting  a manicure, pedicure, facial or nice haircut all belong to that category. These treatments are mostly painless, and nice to  look forward to. But removing body hair also belongs to a Fit Girls regimen and because  there are several options to choose from nowadays it i easy get overwhelmed. Shaving, epilating, laser removal and waxing all have different benefits. Salons are popping up like fast-food places and they all specialize in something else. Waxing caught my attention a while back when I read about it in a magazine so I taught it was about time - for this Fit Girl - to look deeper into the subject so I can tell you to wax on or wax off?

First things first

This hair removal treatment removes hair from the roots, which results in hair free skin for weeks (3-4 depending on your hormone stability) | Is known to leaves your skin soft (when done properly and taken care of after) | The results last longer than shaving and it’s a natural way to remove unwanted hair, as wax is herbal.

Consider: When living a healthy lifestyle you're showing your skin in all your #badass #sexy and #fierce sport outfits so it be of interest to opt for a treatment that keeps you hair free for a longer period in time.

Pretty hurts, sometimes

  • No pain no gain is the famous saying;  it’s not always a treatment to look forward to.  (It’s not comparable with any other feeling (burn) you might experience whilst working out). Don’t let that scare you; everybody experiences pain in their own way.
  • It can leave your skin dry and itchy
  • After you’ve been waxed it’s necessary to moisturize and scrub the treated area (to prevent ingrown hair or bumps)
  • Waxing won’t help if your hair growth is too fine or to short. It works best on full-grown hair.

The low down

  • Waxing removes dead cells
  • It is faster (when it comes to carefully removing hair in awkward places)
  • Available everywhere (can be done at home or at a beauty salon)
  • Long lasting
  • Time heals all wounds (over time it won’t be that painful anymore)
  • In the long run hair might cease to grow
  • Hair grows back thinner and slower
  • Best for ‘some’ areas such as the bikini area.

Hopefully this article gave you more insight about this type of hair removal and (over) think if this suits your (healthy) lifestyle. Want to know more about me and my Fit Girl whereabouts? Hit me up @iris_fitgirl.