My all-time favorite day of the year is the NYC Marathon. I have watched many years and participated for the past two. It is an amazing experience, a party with 50,000 of your running friends. I highly recommend it to anyone interested, especially for a first marathon! Here is a rundown of race weekend 2014.

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Shakeout Run (Saturday)

8:04AM: Nike+NYC run club hosted a shakeout run. They brought in special guest, Olympian Joan Benoit Samuelson. Her words of wisdom helped cure the pre-race jitter. “We all inspire each other” echoed in my head all through the shakeout run. When we came back from the run, we were greeted with bagels for the carbo-load!

12:00PM: Pasta lunch with fellow runner friends. You’re advised to eat a bigger lunch and a lighter dinner so you’re not too full the morning of the race. Seven of us gathered at a nearby Italian restaurant to fuel up on pasta and pizza.

2:00PM: It’s advised to stay off your feet the day before the race. Lucky for us, the weather was cold and gloomy the Saturday before the race. I stored up all my favorite TV shows from the week and made a mini Scandal marathon.

6:30PM: I was still a bit full from the big lunch but nutrition is so important before the race. I  made whole wheat pasta with broccoli and white beans for an extra energy kick!

10:00PM: Lights out! Time to dream of the finish line.

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