Last week we introduced a new serie of articles called ‘Fit Girls Favorites’. In these articles we answer questions of Fit Girls all over the world. This week we answer the question ‘What’s your favorite sport’.

We love to workout and try a lot of sports. We all have our own favorite. Ashley, Lisanne, Roos, Satijn and Yola wrote a piece about their favorite sports.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESYoga is my favourite sport. Well, actually, it’s the only sport I do, so it is automatically my favourite one then isn’t it? Not only have I become quite flexible, but I’ve also become strong. Something I didn’t think would happen from practicing yoga! I love how yoga can be any kind of work out that I need it to be. Sometimes I just need a calming practice when other days, I want to have a hard workout and be sore the next day. I love how versatile it is!


My favorite sport is CrossFit or crosstraining. I always found it very hard to motivate myself to go to the gym. But I since I discovered Elevator Sports this is not a problem anymore.  I love to workout with one of the other Fit Girls as my buddy. When I first started with CrossFit it was really hard, I was nauseous and dizzy, but after a couple lessons I really noticed the progress. Okay, I don’t have a sixpack yet, but I’m definitely getting stronger!


794184cecbe609ec287045c8dbfc669bMy favorite sport is definitely weighlifting, and in particular functional training, like crosstraining or CrossFit. Why? Because lifting some heavy stuff gives me the best feeling in the world! I feel powerful, strong and invincible. I love pushing my boundaries. Sure, I would go for an easy run now and then, but explosive movements are always my favorite! Plus, the biceps guns and toned legs are a great bonus!

Weightlifting is becoming more and more popular around girls and I love that. It won’t make you look bulky, just toned and fit! Give it a try and see for yourself!



My favorite sport is definitely CrossFit. Since I started at Crossfit U1, last november, I feel so much better. After every lesson I have this enormous grin on my face because I exceeded my expectations. Lifting weights not only makes you strong, it really tones your body. Plus it’s too much fun. I enjoy the variety of exercises: every lesson is different. We use barbells, kettle bells, weighted balls, a rig for pull-ups. You train your entire body, every inch gets stronger every workout. The people are great, the atmosphere is bad ass: with loud metal or hiphop playing, you push yourself to the max. You end up dirty: drenched in sweat, chalked up and filthy from dropping to the floor while you’re doing ten thousand burpees.

They say the first rule of CrossFit is that you never shut up about CrossFit. Luckily I don’t have to bore my friends with my stories anymore, I got myself a whole new family with the same passion ;)!


My favorite sport..that’s a hard one! I love to do all kinds of workouts such as CrossFit, bootcamp, boxing and bodycombat. I love all of them because they are so different. What they do have in common is that they are explosive full-body workouts and have an high-impact level. That’s exactly what I need when working out. Bring on that sweat!


What is your favorite sport? Tell us all about it! Are there any other questions you have for the Fit Girls? Please post them in the comments under this article, or send an email to



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