Fit Girls perfect idea of a rest day

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The days we don't workout, we have a rest day. But what do we do on a rest day? We decided to give you some inspiration for the perfect rest day. Fit Girls Cynthia, Ilrish, Lisanne and Tiziana sat down together and wrote down their idea of a perfect rest day.






A perfect idea of a rest day to me is having no plans whatsoever and to do whatever comes along. This can be messing around the house and being on my own. Strolling at the beach with loved ones (dogs included). Have a walk about in a park, enjoying the green scenery. Or spontaneous meet ups with family or friends. Rest day is letting the day guide you and see where it leads you.


My perfect idea of a rest day is a day spent hanging out with my sister and fellow Fit Girl, Iris. To be honest I detest rest days because they make me feel like I am missing something (clearly the signs of a serious gym addiction), but lounging around the house in our PJ's, watching Scandal, channeling our inner Olivia Pope and just relaxing all together, makes it a whole lot better. On rest days I also plan my workouts for the rest of the week and I always make sure I pack my gym bag for the next day at the end of rest day because going #H.A.M at the gym is just more my cup of tea.


At first when I had a rest day, I would also make it my cheat day and go all out. But that changed a couple months ago. Now I'm really using rest days to let my body recover with good food. On a rest day I love to stay at home and watch some Netflix with my boyfriend. Also I like to prep food and plan my week on a rest day. I end the day with a nice and healthy homecooked dinner.

My perfect idea for a restday?
To have dinner with family. I am a real family girl. I love being around them because I can be myself. Preparing the dishes together, talking about news, gossiping about my brothers, eating our favorite dishes with a nice glass of wine. Very, simple, uncomplicated and basic. But that is how a rest day should be :)



What is you perfect idea of a rest day? Do you have another question you would like the Fit Girls to answer? Leave your comments below!