It’s not always easy to get your daily dose of fruits en veggies into your system. Especially not when you’re really busy and don’t have time to think ahead and do some food prepping. Last week Aranka and I had a real busy week with a lot of deadlines, social activities, workouts, boyfriends, cleaning etc. So to us it was the perfect timing to try the Uzuma Green Juices.

The Fit Program
Uzuma produces juices in which veggies form the basis. A lot of veggies, combined with fruit. Nothing is added to the juices. No fragrance, colours or flavours. Absolutely nothing! Uzuma uses an innovative slow juice process. Therefore you benefit from 100% pure force of nature. Reading this we got really enthusiastic to start the Fit Program. Uzuma offers different kinds of programs, but this program only required me to drink two juices a day. You don’t have to replace any meals by juice, just eat what you normally eat, drink two juices a day and enough water (2 liter) to keep all the vitamins flowing trough your body.


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