The #FITGIRLCODE crew and their community got invited by Teun and Nick from NatuurlijkSportief. Two Fit Guys that love to be outdoor. “Bring some old clothes, because you are going to get dirty” they said. Old clothes?!?! How can a Fit Girl have old clothes?? Hahaha, just kidding 😉 Six Fit Girls accepted the challenge and got together with NatuurlijkSportief on a beautiful Sunday morning! And this is what happend… before and after the outdoor training! 😀 


photo 2“Our workout started on the parking lot near Kralingse Bos. The trainers of NatuurlijkSportief in dirty shoes and old clothes, us Fit Girls looking quite fresh and fashionable 🙂 Hey, you want to look pretty working out right?! Our nice appearance disappeared quickly after some wrestling, climbing trees and doing hovers in the mud. But what an experience! It felt great to run, climb and jump in the mud and sand like a child,  to make fun together while you’re doing a killer work-out. This training was definitely a welcome variation on my regular training schedule. “


MELTEN (@musicismymedicine_mm)

photo 1

” First of all, I thought it was a great experience to work-out with the girls from the #FITGIRLCODE crew, the boys of NatuurlijkSportief and the other Fit Girls who joined this training like me.  I have had experience with serval workouts in the outdoors, but the training of NatuurlijkSportief was a different one. 😉  Instead of the usual squats, lunges and other functional exercises, we needed to get together to work-out. The training was a challenge, but it was feasible. The best part was when I needed to push another Fit Girl down to the ground while she was trying to stand up. #1: I am GOOD at it and #2 for these exercises it’s  required to leave your comfort zone! ;)” 


TIZIANA (@fitgirltizi)

 Basically what we did is.. PLAY! No bootcamp, no CrossFit, no surviving. I felt likephoto 1-3 an 8 year old that runs around, builds huts, jumps from branches, fights with brothers and sisters in the mud. Teun and Nick gave us excercises that were fully focused on the usage of your team members (mostly in two pairs), the surroundings (such as trees, logs, hills, branches and puddles) to challenge yourself to activate that inner nature beast mode. My inner child went bananas!!!! 😀 I was not thinking about how many bench presses I had to do or if I would get sore the next day… I had so much fun meeting other Fit Girls and to tackle the challenge to have fun and get dirty together. I already proposed to do a whole day summer edition (awesome BBQ included off course hihi 😉 ) I had a lovely day with the Fit Girls and the boys of NatuurlijkSportief. To me that is what it is all about: working out together, having fun and support each other. Want to come out and play like we did? Contact me and/or Nick&Teun and we will set another date 😀 ”  

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